20.A set of Kake for Kyudo beginners
Item name
20.A set of Kake for Kyudo beginners  

Product details

There are additional charges for wide size, size 9 and custom-made.
1.Chuto Sambuberi Brown or Black (Please send a copy of your right hand) (If you come to our store, we will look for the size that fits your actual hand at that time)
2.1pcs underglove, 100% cotton (we will select the size to match your Kake)
3.Kake bag: 100% polyester [Asahi original]
4.Glove powder
5.Glove powder case, plastic

Customer support:
free fine adjustment of finger length and thickness,
free kusune coating for grooves and free consultations for Kake.

Special price : ¥28,510
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