How to Order (Order of Kyudo products by E-mail)

● Ordering Method
1.Please input your information, the addressee, and the ordered items to the attached order form by EXCEL
2.Please send the order form by email
3.You will receive an estimate after the orders have been placed : please check if there is any mistakes or changes
4.We will send you a bill once the product is ready to be shipped
  If you agree to the bill you receive…
  • Via Credit Card
      → We will send our Credit Card information fill-in page by E-Mail after estimate sheet is sent.
      If you agree to the bill you receive, payment should be made within one week by putting your Credit Card information.
  • Via Bank Transfer
      → payment should be made in the customer’s name
  • Via PAYPAL
      → please make a payment by
  Payment method > > MORE

5.Shipping (We will ship items after we confirm your payment.)

We will send you an email once the product is delivered after we confirm your payment.

Bows and arrows cannot be send by FedEx. Also, bows cannot be send by EMS.